Envelopes - FAQ


No mass production here. We make to order - ON SITE

We do not have stock standard, oddball sizes, in unusual colours, sitting on the shelf waiting for your call. Likewise - we do not produce said oddball and unusual overnight. We're good but not that good. HOWEVER, if you want some envelopes in an odd size and colour, then we're your people. Even if you want just 60 of the blighters.

If you want them printed with your company logos etc, we can do that too but we are also happy for your Commercial Printer to print the flat stock and forward to us for forming. They have all your PMS colours just right, so no starting from scratch with a different Printer. We can even mail merge the envelopes for you before we forme them. So what more could you want.


We do not brand our envelopes AT ALL. (unless you want your brand on them. In which case printing processes available are: Offset, letterpress, digital, blind embossing, foil printing)


We mostly use a minimum weight of 120 gsm paper. We can use heavier card if you want. If you must have sheer paper, you had better want a REALLY SHORT run as it is not one of our favourite papers to work with.


No minimums.

Short runs: 7 - 10 working days WOULD BE APPRECIATED.

Longer runs: 10 - 15 is preferred. However, we can discuss urgency fees for miracles.


Each production run is costed out on its requirements. . .

Usual story - the more you get, the cheaper the unit cost.

So, sorry, but it is a quote each time. However, we have set it all up so we can quote PDQ. All we need to know is:
  • Who the heck are you?
  • How many do you want?
  • What colour?
  • What size?

Simply put - if it is listed on the site, then it is ours.

The die formes are on our premises, not in Australia or China. BUT, if we make a specific design for you, you will be charged for the dies and they will remain your property and will not end up on our list.