Match Books and Match Boxes

Match Books with initals continued on from other accessory items WHITE BOOKS:  20 Sticks per Book.
Sticks and heads are white

We will be changing over to Boxes once this stock is exhausted.

BLACK BOXES::  21 sticks per box
White sticks with black heads

We foil print and only 1 colour print available.
2 colours can be done,
as long as there is no colour registration.

Please excuse the quality of the photos.
Black can be a pain to photograph and shiny foil doesn't help either.

See also below for some specials we have on hand

Your Company Logo White foil on Black Match Book

New Artwork - black on white

Gold on White
Front cover only
White on Black
Flat and Standing
We can also print the inside cover as well as the back Foil printed on front, spine and back panel
Inside Cover
Can also be printed
Gold on Black

Front, spine and back panel
all printed

Black on White

Front and back panel
both printed

PHOTO - CARMENS   Anit Smoking Campaign
Silver on white Bronze on Black
Gold on White
Front, Spine and Back printed
See what went with this

See what went with this

Guest Favour - Kete, Candle and Match Book With Matching Coaster and Serviette


Match Book - A Perfect Match


Wedding Guest Favour
Candle in Kete with Match book
Initials from invitations
 followed through on
Serviettes and Coasters
Customers own design
Printing on the back and front off the book
Cute Couple An English Rose & a Kiwi Bride & Groom
This is a sample of some of the match books we have done.

We have a range of wedding motifs that can be used

For more ideas go to


Printed same top and bottom

These match boxes are already printed - same both sides.   The strike area is on the side.   We can POSSIBLY print your website address on the panel opposite the striking panel but have not had our arm twisted just yet - will keep you posted should we get a chance to experiment with them.  Please note there is an extra run cost applicable.

We have a few thousand of these on hand and they are available, AS IS, at the bargain rate of $30.00 per carton of 100, plus g.s.t and freight.

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