Coreflute Special Packaging Run

We've been able to purchase some one off coreflue card stock and are offering some of our packaging in it.    Rather than just do set runs of the boxes we thought that, following our fiddly farty mantra, we would leave it to you to order what you want.

We will post the pricing and how to order etc below the photos


These boxes are sturdy enough to take bottles of preserves, honey, candles, sauces, oils, chocolates (mmmm) even bikkies and yummy small Christmas cakes.

"Him out the Back" forgot to tell us until we were at Calculation Point.

These are the four boxes we are offering.  You can choose whichever boxes in whichever colour but it will be subject to confirmation of enough card on hand.    Email or 'phone and we can give you an update

Or add a Ribbon and Gift Card
Box Style 3-0188

Small Box and Lid.   Internal measurements are approx. 88 x 82 x 65mm high.
We've threaded a ribbon thru' as a suggestion only and the ribbon is not part of the cost of the box.

Box Style 4-0231

Large Box and Lid.   Internal measurements are approx.  165 x 87 x 65mm high.
This box can also take a ribbon for decoration like the box above. 

Box Style 2-0584

Carry Pack for Small Preserves bottle.
Measurements are:  175 x 55 x 75mm high
(Measurements exclude the handle area.)  
From experience we know this takes Arthur Holmes 110ml square bottle
(55mm diameter x 72mm heigh) (may take others).

Box Style 1-0582


Carry Pack for Oil/Vinegar bottles.
Measures 105 x 50 x 220mm high
(measurements exclude the handle area). 

OK - below here is a chart showing the cost of each box, how many large sheets we have on hand and how many of each box we can make from these large sheets.     We will endeavour to keep this chart up to date but we will confirm your order as we receive it.    Production will be 5-10 days depending on how busy we are at the time.    Christmas is looming and we all know what that can do to production schedules.     If you need urgently - let us know when ordering and we can confirm if we can meet your deadline.

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