Serviettes - Personalised

Two sizes available


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We work with three sizes of serviettes and the common names for theses are:

Cocktail or Beverage   ~    Luncheon or Reception   ~    Dinner or Banquet

Cocktail Serviettes for yummy nibbles

Cocktail Serviette
All available 4 fold

Folded measurement approx 120 x 120mm
Open   measurement approx 240 x 240 mm

Available in:
1 Ply Eco Choice
2 Ply White
2 Ply Colours - limited range
3 Ply Colours - subject to supply
Quality super embossed (white only)
Quilted - (White, Kraft and Black only)

Luncheon, suitable for most occasions

Luncheon Serviette
All available 4 fold plus 8 fold as marked**

Folded measurement approx 160 x 160mm
Open   measurement approx 320 x 320mm

Available in:
1 Ply Eco Choice
2 Ply White
2 Ply Colours - limited range
3 Ply Colours - subject to supply
Quilted - (White & Kraft** only)

For that Corporate Dinner

Dinner Serviette
All available 4 fold plus 8 fold as marked**

Folded measurement approx 200 x 200mm
Open   measurement approx 400 x 400mm

Available in:
1 Ply Eco Choice**
2 Ply White**
2 Ply Colours - limited range**
3 Ply White**
3 Ply Colours - limited range**
3 Ply Colours - subject to supply
Super Embossed White
(8 fold only)
Quilted White**
Quilted Colours
(8 fold only)
        Black/Dk Blue/Kraft/Red


See examples of some of our work

Worksheet for accompanying Order (Excel Spreadsheet)

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Cutlery Sleeves

These are new for us and we will be sorting out more photos as we can.

Measurements as follows:

Large sleeve - Folded 100 x 240mm - Unfolded 480 x 390mm

Small sleeve - Folded   89 x 205mm - Unfolded 405 x 310

Foil stamp your logo on here

With name tag but other options available.

Large Sleeve
with logo foil printed

Small sleeve with place card tag
and disposable chopsticks



With large chopsticks

Perfect fit for
disposable chopsticks

Check here to see what we can do with chopsticks

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Serviette Wraps

Serviette Wraps as a branding item.


Serviette or Napkin Wraps

Click here
to see more of this option


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Here are the basic rules for serviettes:

We prefer to foil print rather than ink print as the product is prone to absorbing ink and we then have issues re the depth of colour, variation of colour and all those sorts of headaches.   So to avoid the problem, we foil print and get some stunning results.      Given the properties of the product and because we are often not your General Printer,  it can also be quite a lot of work to get just the PMS colour that you may use in your corporate colours.    To save all that heartache, again, we foil print.

We work with 1 colour only.   We can work with two but we cannot guarantee registration. So two spot colours are fine but not if it is a 2 colour logo.     We are working with a finished and floppy product.   The folding of the end product also has some variation so there will be movement of impression placement within a couple of millimeters, so 1colour works REALLY WELL for us.

However, for long runs (and we mean over 15,000 units) we can break these rules but not with the full range of serviette colours.

PS: The foiling plates we use can also be used for other products. (subject to test obviously)   Of course any paper products but also be used on wood, ribbon, vinyls, fabrics, jewellery packaging inners etc   AND . . . can even be burnt into leather giving a branding effect.     Did some coasters for Levi's years ago and burnt the logo into a leather coaster.   Looked great.

Now if you want to see some of the work we have done - click here and go to our brag page.

PPS: If you are having a corporate event ~ check out of Corporate Events page and have a look see at other products we can do for you. You may also want to check out and have a look at some of the items we do for weddings that could also be of interest or inspiration.

The problem with 2 colour printing

Ink printing rather than foil printing

This is an example of why we do not like
printing more than one colour.
Working with the finished serviette means
registration is a REAL issue.
This example is why we prefer to foil print.
Printing ink tends to be absorbed slightly
and colour depth can be lost as a result.

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