Cocktail Sticks

Our Cocktail sticks stand 100mm (10cm) high so flags are in proportion to that size.

Should there be a demand we can go taller.    Next level up would be 200mm and we may well be able to get 300mm high as well.     Flags would be any size up to what looks aesthetically correct.    

These Cocktail Sticks are all made on site, so we can cater to special orders quite simply. 

Carters Flag Style 1 Style 90 - Day of the Dead image Style 3 Flag - Welcome to Cuba
Style 01

Flag size
60mm  x 20mm
Style 90

Made to order *
size is 50mm  x 40mm
Style 02

Flag size
60mm x 40mm
Wedding Favours

*  Please note this 'Day of the Dead' image has copyright issues so is not freely available.

    We show this merely to inspire you and show we can do special designs


  French Flag  
  Style 02

French Flag