Special Promotions

Special Promotions.

OK from time to time we look at doing a run of boxes for a target market. Because of our involvement within the "Wedding Industry" we have primarily targeted these promotions to the Chocolate and Confectionery Market. We are trying to see past that market but all in good time. However, have a look at the following products and see if anything there suits an item you are trying to package. We can fiddle around with any of the boxes and if we are running boxes during the promotion we may be able to slot another colour in for you. Can't guarantee the same price as the promotion however, but can let you know at the time.

And just so you know! The promotion runs from the time it is put up until the event but will stay up after the event in preparation to the next years event. e.g. Christmas 2010 will stay up until we put Christmas 2011 up but the prices and flexibility will expire Christmas 2010.

Current Promotions on the go
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