Cards and Crafts

Step away from the bench Beware of the glue gun
While not the main thrust of our business per say
We have bits and pieces that might be of use.
There are card dies we can cut in a range of sizes
that can be put to use in an interesting way.

There are shapes that we cut in the course the year
and we use them in promotions from time to time.
There's different shaped hearts, stars and Christmas trees
and even a T-shirt, but not one to wear.

So how does this go . . .

Over the years we have been involved with Wedding Stationery and Corporate Events.     We have quite a significant range of shapes and sizes that we have and all are available in whatever colour card we can get from our Paper Merchants.       Simply put - if you want a load of shapes cut - we can do it.   

FAQ'S ARE HERE if you have any questions concerning production, prices etc

A VISUAL LOG IS HERE (we will be gradually listing these up individually

OVERRUNS on hand are here

and hey! have a look at our Christmas selection and see what we have done with some of our shapes there.

Check our sister company - there are lots of ideas and photos there already

Misc Shapes