Chopsticks and Wrappers

Personalised Chopsticks and Wrappers

Keeping with our Fiddly Farty theme, something just a little out of the ordinary

Personalised Chopsticks or Wrappers add either a loving keepsake from a special occasion or a novel way to get your message across

Our Wrappers can double as a place card or simply give you the opportunity for some additional marketing space

Why not team it with our noodle boxes or with our Serviette/Cutlery Sleeves

Made to order Noodle BoxesAs a place card or personalise the chopsticks or the serviette sleeve


Personalised Chopsticks A romantice keepsake
To start things off
we can personalise the chopsticks
As a romantic keepsake
Conference Place Card - or plain with your logo Hydrangea Theme - or your own
Conference Place Card Hydrangea  inspired
Doubling as a place card White and Purple theme
But then again,
you may just want them plain
in your colour of choice
or coloured place cards
Or as a favour from an occasion.

Believe it or not
these were for a Japanese styled,
Jewish Wedding in the US
Basic Place Card option

Totally plain for embellishing

As a place card at a wedding Or just plain white
so you can add
your own finishing touches

Fun for a birthday party

Family inspiration

And just proving we are a family business
a little girl in the family suggested
you just might want the original wrapper coloured in.