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Match Boxes 50 mm
Matches - Favours Match Boxes 100 mm
Matches - Striker Shapes Matches - Tip colours Available Match Boxes - Thank You's
Made to order in New Zealand from local and imported components

Match Books


Our Match Books measure
38mm wide x 46mm high.

Contents are 21 sticks  per book

Print Options:
     a) Foil printed on coloured cards
     b) Digitally printed from copy supplied




Advertising Match Books Digitally printed and assembled in NZ
Wedding Favours and Social Events
Matches - Single

Match Boxes - 50mm

Match Boxes Produced in New Zealand

Our Match Boxes measure
56 x 35 x 8 mm

Contents are:
21 sticks per box

Stick Colours at present available:
see below "Stick Colours"

Print Options:

     a) Foil printed on any coloured card we can get from our suppliers

     b) Digitally printed from copy supplied.

Wedding Favours



Wedding favours.   Team with Candles perhaps

Advertise your business.     Match Boxes are still a collectors item.

Milestones like birthdays, anniversaries etc

Match Boxes - 100mm

100mm Match Sticks.   Ideal for Candles, Fires, etc

At the moment our boxes are flip lid boxes but we are working on the matchbox style

Our Large Match Boxes measure
100 x 20 x 10 mm

Contents are:
Natural sticks with black or white tips
20 sticks per box

Card options at present available:
Black, Kraft, White.

Favour with Candles



Candle Makers/Retailers,          Chimney Sweeps,
Fire Place Distributors/Retailers,          Party Supplies,          Event Planners
to name a few

Print Options:

     a) Foil printed   NB: 2 sided black will only be foil printed

     b) Digitally printed from copy supplied.

 NB: Digital Black will be a digital print on white giving a white interior

Top of the Box.
This is your panel for printing

Front panel.
Yours for printing on

Base Panel.
Standard safety precautions.
Back/Striker Panel
Again standard safety precautions.

The text on these panels can be added to but is to include text as is
Ends of box.      Showing also Kraft and Black boxes
Designed so that the base of the stick presents rather than the head.
Also the lid gives you a visual so the sticks in total do not fall out


Matches in Bottles

Matches - Favours The bottles measure 75mm high

A round striker pad is on the lid

Contents are 15 sticks per bottle

Stick Colours at present available
    see below

Personalised tags/place cards etc available.   Please ask for a quote

Matches in Bottles

A Landscape of ideas

Thank You Matches

New Design comming

Striker Shapes

  Match Books and Boxes come standard with a straight striker.

Customised shapes are also an option.   Square, Heart, Circle for a start but we do have other shapes that could work.

Stick Colours available

Natural Sticks White tips

Black tips

Dk Green tips

Dk Blue tips

Purple tips

Red tips


50 mm sticks are available as listed

100 mm sticks are available in
white and black tips only
Black Sticks White tips

Black tips

Red tips *

* We have limited Black/red

available at this point.