FAQ's - Packaging Boxes & Bags

Do you put your brand on the Boxes?    Unless you are the end user we do not tell all your clients or competitors who your supplier is by putting our name on the base.   HOWEVER, if you want YOUR name or website address discretely printed on the base of the product we can do that for you.

What materials do you use?    AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE we source product from here in Godzown, New Zealand.   We aim to keep as many Kiwi's as possible employed.   So, unless not available locally, we do not specifically import product ourselves.

In most instances we use paper through to 300 gsm card.   With the majority of our boxes around the 250 gsm mark.   All of our designs will work with these materials.   Single faced coroflute also works with some of our dies but it works with all of our die cutting machines.     We also work with flocked card for the jewellery and souvenir trade.

Do you make on Site?   Yes we do.   Our staff are fully trained in the various printing processes we use.

Can we have it made in other cards or papers?    Yes you can.   Because we make to order, all of our designs are available in any colour paper, card, poly, etc that is available at the time.

What are your run sizes?     Our minimum run size is 1.   It may be and expensive 1 but we will do it

How long does an order take?     Because we hold all the cutting forms on site (they are not in Australian or China) we can offer a 7 - 10 days for a small runs and 10-15 for longer runs.     If the run is for a new box then we need to allow another 5 days or so for the making of the die.     Of course, this can all be totally dependant on the time of year.     The Wedding and Christmas seasons tend to dominate the last 3-4 months of the year and like everyone at that time of year, we can get a little stretched.    Please order early.     We do have an urgency fee that we may feel inclined to charge should you leave it just a tad late.

You don't have pricing on your website?    We don't show pricing because we make whatever you want in whatever card or paper you want.   Therefore, each production run is costed out on its own requirements.    

Because of this, it is a quote each time.   However, we have set it all up so we can quote fairly quickly.    Just let us know: Who you are, what you want, how many you want, what colour, what size and we can look at it

We do have a interim price list available showing prices but these are a guideline only as it totally depends on the card/paper you are wanting to use.   We have broken this down in to 5 basic price guides as obviously we buy some of the more common card/paper in bulk and some of the metallics by the sheet (they're not cheap) as required.

If we get a design made by you, do we retain ownership of the die?.   Yes you do.    We do not intend to loose customers by getting them to pay for a design and then offer it to all their competitors.    However, we will hold the die on site to minimize any damage to the die and as security against any outstanding debts.     Should an account go unpaid then we will at that time assume ownership and seek to recover costs by adding the design to our range.