Window Packaging

Made to order, our Windowed Packaging allows for the label of your product to be highlighted instead of our packaging.     The old KISS (Keep it simple stupid) theory here.     Your product shouldn't need to have fancy shmancy packaging to show it off.     However we can print on the boxes should that be what you want/need.     Most of our more recent box windows are not fully cut out but have the window flap folding in to add a buffer between the contents to avoid breakages.  

These boxes are available in all coloured cards we can get but due to their carrying some weight, heavier grade card is recommended.     To this end Kraft and Black have suited the bill most of the time.     The colours are also the perfect framework for offsetting your product.

NB: We have recently discovered a white linen heavy weight card which looks really stunning

Measurements below are based on millimeters and are listed as:
Width (across the front), Depth (front to back), Height (bottom to top)

Novelty Boxes

Die # 1449 Measurements
65 x 65
Die # 2000 ** Measurements
60 x 60 x 100
finished size of cube
Adaptagens Chocolate Cube  Chocolate Bottles filled with herbal formula
Suitable for
Personalised Chocolates
The cube unfolds into 4 cubes
with windows for display.
Can be decoratively tied with ribbon,
raffia etc or a sticker as shown above
Die # 1410 Measurements
100 x 115 x 20
Window measures 88 x 70
Handy wee box for all sorts of items.  The lid comes over and down the box front and clips shut into a slot at the base of the box.      Does not come with a protective sheet on the  window so depending on your product it may need to be protected.   However, a protective seal could be attached, even after manufacture.
All of these boxes can also be printed before or after (with limitations) manufacture
** NB:   Die 2000 cutting forme is owned by a client so not available for general  use.
The design, however, is a general design available so we have put it up for inspiration for other sizes

Boxes for Jars

Die # 0584 175 x 55 x 75
excluding handle
Die # 0591 140 x 70 x 100
excluding handle

Ideal for Arthur Holmes' 110 ml jar

This size appears to be a good all round size for several bottles

Die #: 0592

140 x 70 x 85
excluding handle

Die #: 0593

150 x 75 x 135

excluding handle

curved window so more of the label can be seen

With Bottle of Honey showing bottle size

Curved window Carry Box in Larger Size

Larger Honey Jar

Available also in Black

Boxes for Bottles

Die #: 0565 Measurements: 145 x 37 x 120
SATO Christmas Gift
Popular for a set of 4 samples or a handy Corporate Gift

Die #: 1403

90 x 45 x 125
excluding handle

Die #: 1423

185 x 45 x 105
excluding handle

The smallest of our carry boxes at this point.   However, that's not to say we can't go smaller.

This is a die no longer in use. **   We are looking at adjusting it to suit newer style bottles.    It will be a case of first in, first choice of measurements


**  We have some overruns on hand of this box.   They are in white e-flute cardboard.

Die #: 0596 Measurements:
120 x 55 x155
excluding handle
Die #: 1422 Measurements:
105 x 50 x178
excluding handle
Holds 2 x 250 ml Juice bottles

Available also in black

This is a die no longer in use. **   We are looking at adjusting it to suit newer style bottles.    It will be a case of first in, first choice of measurements

Available also in Black


**  We have some overruns on hand of this box.   They are in Kraft e-flute cardboard.

Die #: 1404 Measurements:
130 x 45 x 165

excluding handle

This is a die no longer in use.   We are looking at adjusting it to suit newer style bottles.    It will be a case of first in, first choice of measurements

Available also in Black 

Set of 2 or 3 Bottles
Die Number: 0582 Measurements:
105 x 50 x222
excluding handle
Die Number: 0583 Measurements:
140 x 50 x222
excluding handle
Perfect for 250ml bottles

Printed with clients Logo Both sizes available in either colours  

Set of 2 or 3 Bottles
Die # 0588

100 x 50 x240

Die # 0589

150 x 50 x240

Suitable for 250ml bottles Back View Suitab le 250ml bottles
2 Pack Reverse showing tuck in tab 3 Pack 2 pack packed

Single Wine Bottle Box

Die # 0509


100 x 50 x240

One of our Flip Lid Boxes and look what we've done to it. Window cut at base to show label Window positioned so label shows thru Other Shapes and cutouts available

As with all of our products
these boxes can be foiled with a personalised message

Double Wine Bottle Box

Die #:  0190

Measurements:   200 x 100 x 300
excluding handle
Wine bottle carry box - Minimum runs apply      
Available all colours but weight issues with lighter weight stock

Inspiration for our other products

Die #:  0202 Measurements:   114 x 162

Our C6 upright pocket envelope with a window cut in.
Made with our paper or yours supplied
Handy for herbs/spices/salts/powders

Die #:  0228

110 x 120 x 40

Die #:  0070

90 x 90 x 30

One of our heart boxes with a blind embossed and die cut heart.   Made in black, it was used for sexy red lingerie.

Able to be made in any colour card available.
We use our Box and Lid  in our Christmas range with a tree cut out.   We have also done hearts for large chocolate hearts.

Able to be made in any colour card available

And this is why we have the name we have. Customer wanted some packaging that her product could be seen through but she not have to put in a plastic wrap to hold the contents in. What fitted perfectly was one of our envelopes. Her product could possibly leach so we used Food Grade card. She wanted a Christmas Theme for some so we used a Tree with Star cut out. She wanted a flame theme for others. Done! Then because it was needed we put an extra crease in the flap so the envelope closed nicely. Job Done! Customer Thrilled.

Die #:

110 x 180

Die #:
0450b / 0598

110 x 180

Envelope converted into packaging