Cards & Crafts - FAQ'S


Production: We do not mass produce - We make to order - ON SITE

Our aim is just to make available these items for use in whatever way you want, in whatever colour you want etc etc etc. So that means they are not sitting on the shelf waiting for your order. However, given the Wedding side of our business, that's not to say we don't have some.

Branding: None. OK?


In most instances we can cut them out of paper, card, magnetic sheet, coreflute, pvc. Leather possibly? who knows, never tried. Actually we did. Years ago we made up some coasters from a hide for Levi's. And we branded them as well. Amazing what comes back when you have to put in down.

Run Size and Times:---No minimums. We will do 1. but we will charge accordingly.

Short runs: 7 - 10 working days WOULD BE APPRECIATED.

Longer runs: 10 - 15 is preferred We also have a cost centre for Urgency Fees

Pricing: Each production run is costed out

Because of this, it is a quote each time. It all depends on what you want us to do. Just let us know:

  • What you want?
  • How many you want?
  • What colour?
  • What size/shape?
and we can look at it.

Although, if you don't need them in a hurry, you could save costs by waiting until we next have the die up and we can tag them on to that run.

Ownership of Designs:

We own all of the dies. They are in our little hot hands, not somewhere else in the world.

If you want a specific shape, we can organise that for you. You may be charged for the dies and if so they will remain your property and will not end up on the list below.
BUT JUST SO YOU KNOW: There may be some designs on our Hayfords website that we do not make available.

Of interest to the Printing Industry.

Hey - work is work. If you just need a shape cutting out of a product, we are quite happy to do it for you, if anything below fits the bill. We are not in the habit of poaching customers.

OK we know there should be a list here and it will gradually appear.

In the meantime - if you are looking for some oddball thing that we may well have - and check and see if we can help

Check our sister company - there are lots of ideas and photos there already